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2012 Pictures

These are pictures that I took in the 2012 season.  Many are repeated in other year's pictures.  A few show how I root cuttings.       Cuttings stuck in bed. October 1st. The rooting mixture is peat and pearlite.  About 50-50. Bottom hear is good, 70F. Adelle Lovit

The Rhododendron Show

       Every year the New York Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society holds two shows at Planting Fields Arboretum, one in April for early blooming rhododendrons and one in May for later blooming plants.      For rhododendrons, only the truss is exhibited, the flowers which bloom as a group and the collar of leaves immediately surrounding to truss.   Azaleas are exhibited as spray or branch.      The show allows one to see the whole range of colors availab[...]

More on growing Rhododendron seed.

How I grow rhododendron seed             Most people would never contemplate growing rhododendrons from seed, but it is a requirement if you want to find new hybrids.  There are some species rhododendrons that come true from seed and in some cases it is the only way to propagate them.           I collect my seed in late September or October.  I leave the seed capsules in kraft paper envelops for 2 or 3 weeks to dry.  Each seed lot is kept in a separate envelope. When the[...]

'Catskill' and Hardy Rhododendrons.

‘                                                                             Catskill’ and Hardy Rhododendrons   In the 1950s and 70s, Paul Vossburg was very interested in hybridizing with the goal of creating hardy rhododendrons.    This interest was the result of his witnessing the work that Clem Bowers  was doing at Hick’s Nursery on Long Island. (For more on this attend the 2019 Annual Convention in Philadelphia.) Paul made the following cross: (‘Charles Dick[...]

Rhododendron Culture for New Growers.

Almost all of this web site is designed for experienced growers and it occurred to me that a person new to rhododendron growing might stumble on this web site via Google and not find any information that would be meaningful to them. So what follows is an introduction to rhododendron culture. Location:  Most rhododendrons do best in light shade, especially in the afternoon.  The north or east side of a building is best.  A windy spot should be avoided as the leaves can be d[...]

2012 Crosses and Number of seedlings

                               2012 Crosses Cross Number Description Seed? plants /1/17 12-01 Ellie Green x {(JM x Wardance) x haemaleum x yak)}yes yes 5 12-02 (AN x HK) x TT178 yes 1 12-03 (Peter Faulk x Red Crown) x TT178 yes 41 12-04 Harold Amateis x TT178 yes 7 12-05 TT158 x TT178 no 12-06 (JM x Wardance) x TT178 no 12-07 JM Tetra x TT116 no 12-08 Dick's Big Red x TT178 no 12-09 (A[...]

Pictures 2016

These are pictures I took of special rhododendrons in the spring of 2016. They are a mix up of named and numbered plants in no special order. 'Gate Cream' = An unknown Dexter hybrid.  Not the 'Gate Cream' [...]

Congratulations, We Were Successful, We Won!

  Congratulations, We Were Successful, We Won! Adapted and expanded from a talk given at the Northeastern Regional Conference Oct, 2015.   Yes, congratulations we were successful, we, the Rhododendron Society, turned rhododendrons completely around, changed how they were evaluated by gardeners.  Let me explain. Before World War II   rhododendrons were judged on three characteristics, and there was a priority to the characters.  The first and most important[...]