My Especially Selected Seedlings with photos

These are my seedlings that I think are especially noteworthy. I seem to change my mind about them every year so stay tuned. I would be glad to provide cuttings of any of these for you to root or I could send them to Kathy Van Veen for her to root them and ship the rooted cuttings to you next spring. Kathy charges about $3.00 per cutting plus postage. If you want to see descriptions of “TT” numbers go to “selected rhododendron seedlings”. As of 12/2015

TT82 = 'Helen Everitt' x pseudochrysanthum

TT82 = ‘Helen Everitt’ x pseudochrysanthum


TT92= (Scintillation x Inamoratta) x Hardgrove Yellow

TT92= (Scintillation x Inamoratta) x Hardgrove Yellow


TT118 = TT105 x TT104

TT118 = TT105 x TT104


TT131=TT97 x West Coast Red

TT131=TT97 x West Coast Red   (AKA ‘Michael D. Coe’)


TT135=Janet Blair x (Margolit x Woodbench)

TT135=Janet Blair x (Margolit x Woodbench)  (AKA ‘Joan’s Peace’)


TT141 TT84 x Gold Medal

TT141 TT84 x Gold Medal


TT145 (TT1 x DCL) x 32

TT145 (TT1 x DCL) x Phipps 32


TT158 = 'Mars' x 'Jean Marie'

TT158 = ‘Mars’ x ‘Jean Marie’


TT165 = TT92 x Gate Cream

TT165 = TT92 x ‘Gate Cream’


TT166= Parker's Pink x Martha Phipps AKA 'Margaret S. Coe'

TT166= ‘Parker’s Pink’ x ‘Martha Phipps’       (AKA ‘Margaret S. Coe’)


TT170 = TT97 x West Coast Red

TT170 = TT97 x West Coast Red


TT171= (Parker's Pink x Schaijker Yellow) x Martha Phipps Schlaijker Yellow AKA Hardgrove's deepest yellow

TT171= (‘Parker’s Pink’ x ‘Schaijker Yellow’) x ‘Martha Phipps’
{Schlaijker Yellow is AKA Hardgrove’s deepest yellow}


TT181= Jean Marie x Barbara Cooke seed from Pat Walton

TT181= ‘Jean Marie’ x ‘Barbara Cooke’ seed from Pat Walton


TT202 = ('Peter Faulk' x 'Red Crown') x 'Annanouri' x 'Howard Kuhn')

TT202 = (‘Peter Faulk’ x ‘Red Crown’) x (‘Annanouri’ x ‘Howard Kuhn’)


TT209= Anne Hardgrove x TT97 TT97= Mars x Jean Marie

TT209= ‘Anne Hardgrove’ x TT97
TT97= ‘Mars’ x ‘Jean Marie’


TT220=(Peter Faulk x Red Crown) x (Howard Kuhn x Annanoui)

TT220=(‘Peter Faulk’ x ‘Red Crown’) x (‘Annanouri’ x ‘Howard Kuhn’)



TT223- (Apricot Fantasy x Martha Phipps) x (Phipps 32 x Gold Medal)

TT223- (‘Apricot Fantasy’ x ‘Martha Phipps’) x (‘Phipps 32’ x ‘Gold Medal’)


TT225= Jean Marie x (Peter Faulk x Red Crown)

TT225= ‘Jean Marie’ x (‘Peter Faulk’ x ‘Red Crown’)  This is a triploid.


TT231 = Mrs. H. Phipps x West Coast Red

TT231 = ‘Mrs. Howard  Phipps’ x West Coast Red


TT239= 'Margolit' x 'Woodbench'

TT239= ‘Margolit’ x ‘Woodbench’


TT268= 'Gate Cream' x 'Martha Phipps'

TT268= ‘Gate Cream’ x ‘Martha Phipps’